You Want To Raise The Crop? Guide To Plant Growth Enhancers

Anyone who decides to cultivate their own personal garden, microgreens or CBD medical hemp like blog, has only one wish: to be able to obtain a lush harvest. What if we want to increase the quantity of the crop instead? How can we do that? There are many alternatives that involve the use of suitable stimulators and additives to stimulate indoor cultivation. Let’s discover them together!


With the help of a package of fertilizers, you will be able to stimulate cultivation from the moment of sowing to growth and flowering. These should be combined with stimulators to intensify the quantity of harvested plants. Your choices will always influence the size of the fruit and in this article we want to find out how to do it!

Before proceeding with the stimulators it is good to have a general plan of our indoor cultivation. Keep a constant eye on the different factors that regulate the cultivation, managing the air extraction and especially the lighting plan well. From here you can regulate the level of humidity and temperature that are the basis for healthy plant growth. The basic requirements for feeding seedlings can never take second place. As soon as you have this information clear we can think about going into the phase of increasing the quantity and size of each plant.

Start By Fortifying The Roots

The main objective, when you want to increase the amount of harvest, is to work well in the root system. Before you start running, after all, you have to learn how to walk! When you are in the first two weeks of plant growth it is good to use a root stimulator. This will start the vegetative development that will lead the plant to be strong and healthy. What you get will be well structured roots for the absorption and transport of water and nutrients.

This behavior will facilitate future crops: the stronger the roots, the higher the yield in the short and long term. The plants or fruits will then be able to absorb everything they need to support flowering. At the same time you will give them the ability to withstand environmental problems (such as low humidity).

The Advantages Of Silicon To Prevent Disease

The use of silicon is of great importance in the fight against disease. When used as a nutrient, but also when applied to leaves, silicon provides a number of benefits. Its primary function is to thicken the cell walls, preventing diseases from finding access in the cultivation. At the same time, changes in temperature will be less dangerous precisely because it strengthens the plant.

Always try to rely on the liquid solution of silicon so as to completely reduce external threats. Be careful never to exaggerate: when you notice the good response of the plant, you are often inclined to exceed it. There are so many additives we can add on the market, but too much is never good. For example, the abundance of fertilizer can kill the vegetation. For this reason, every producer always has a recommended quantity to use.

Potassium And Phosphorus For Plant Explosion!

Do you want to get the best results? In this case it is good to supplement a flowering stimulator with a basic fertilizer to increase flowering. On the market you will always find specific packages that are designed to provide all the nutrition you need. At the base of these packages we find a rich amount of potassium and phosphorus which are essential when we want to develop indoor growing.

Try following our advice to the letter and you will notice important improvements right away. Time to get to work – good luck with your crops!

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