The drum kit for jazz fusion: a drum course!

46% of musicians are dedicated to the practice of an instrument for purely recreational and recreational purposes. Look for the best cymbal cleaner.

Acoustic drums or electronic drums, muted sound or strong chords, when starting the study of drums, certain choices must be made. And this, even before diving into the real deepening of every rhythmic question.

Even once you have made your choice regarding the practice of acoustic drums, you will still need to select something. In this case, we are talking about the overall configuration of your battery.

In the course of this article, you will discover the characteristics of a fusion drum set, to be able to choose calmly and, above all, with knowledge of the facts.

The drum courses: why choose jazz fusion?

A fusion drum kit is particularly suitable for so-called beginners . In addition to being a great tool for starting music practice, it is a really great option for kids between the ages of seven and eight.

However, fusion drums, as the name implies, is especially designed for playing fusion music .

Rock fusion, jazz fusion, funk, mix of musical styles… And this is not an instrument intended only for beginners!

fusion drum  is halfway between the standard rock drum and the smaller jazz drum.

It is above all the size of the bass drum that varies and your body size can help you determine the best kit for you.

The fusion kit is a great choice if you want to be able to play a variety of different styles of music and if you want to have a multipurpose drum kit .

Elements for fusion: take your drum lesson

An apprentice drummer will have to choose how to compose their instrument. You can customize your own battery as you like. But before you can start playing the drums, it will be better to know and appreciate the basics of the different kits.

First, let’s keep in mind that a drum set can consist of several drums.

The big case of the fusion drums

The bass drum is the most important element of the battery. This is the drum with the lowest sound. A fusion bass drum measures 20 “and sits halfway between the 18” jazz bass drum and the 22 “rock bass drum.

To be able to devote yourself to the practice of the drums, you will also need to choose a pedal with a felt beater, to beat on the skin.

Thus, the sound will be muffled by means of a cushion placed inside the bass drum, in contact with the skin. Obviously, it is also possible to apply a mute afterwards, in order to “felp” the sound as a whole.

Also keep in mind another aspect: a fusion drum kick will be far quieter than a rock drum.

And don’t worry, with the fusion kit you can still dedicate yourself to metal music. Just add a double pedal. That’s all!

The toms of fusion drums: a drum lesson

The fusion drums also consist of three toms, as does the standard drums. The only difference is that they are smaller than the latter.

There will be, then, a large 10 “high tom and a 12” medium tom, arranged from the highest to the lowest, from left to right, for right-handed, and inversely for left-handed. These two tomes will be positioned above the grand chest, suspended.

The 14 ″ bass tom will be placed on the ground, to the right of the drummer (or to his left, if he is left-handed). In fact, this emits the lowest sound of all three toms.

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