shelf stable goat milk lotion recipe

Those who make it have to use much higher levels of chemical preservatives… even higher than the preservative manufacturer’s recommend, and even then there’s problems. You will need some things for this lotion that you would normally not need for regular soap making. Once below 140 F, add your phenonip and fragrance. Not only that but it can actually be transformed into 10 different types of cheeses. I made a different recipe but it ever thickened up so I thought I would try your recipe. Check out our all, The Best Natural Shaving Soap and Why You Need It, 2.7 oz. Kosher Certified. January 16, 2012 at 11:11 pm. Turn the blender on the lowest speed and slowly pour in the warm goat's milk. This recipe provided makes a lot of lotion, so I cut the amounts provided here in half. I appreciate any advice you can give. Learn how your comment data is processed. Creamy goat milk lotion goodness! Current varieties of LOTION: We had a goal to perfect a recipe for goat's milk lotion that would have as few preservatives as possible - and those had to be all natural - and be shelf stable for at least a year. The red label is the original formulas and the orange label is the mango butter formula. Using powdered goat milk, rather than fresh, allows you to craft a shelf-stable mask that won’t spoil and go rancid. It works for products with pH between 2 and 7. The whole reason I got goats in 20015 was because I wanted the raw goat milk for my children to drink. This can be done by boiling or washing all of your tools and jars in a 5% bleach water solution and allowing them to air dry completely. Can you use colloidal silver in the lotion? She is knowledgeable and friendly. So, I knew that a lot of people would want the recipe for my DIY Lotion Bars, so that is what I am sharing today! We have read studies that indicate even in powdered form on the shelf for 4 months, it is still possible for e.coli to survive. So, in September of 2003, I made my first batches of goat’s milk soap. I wipe my work surface down with a bleach-water solution and I also dip everything I will be using in a 5% bleach water solution and let them air dry on a clean, sanitized area. You can get powdered goats milk & make milk baths or add it to bath bombs or bath salts. I’m just now looking at how to make soaps and lotions, so this is really interesting to me. Turn the blender on the lowest speed and slowly pour in the warm goat's milk. (See below for the full price breakdown.) I couldn’t possibly keep it refrigerated in transit. Whisk well to break down the any lumps. Its natural antioxidants combat, damaging, free radicals! It's made with fun colors, a fruity fragrance and skin loving ingredients. You don’t need a lot of water, just equal to the oil level in the jar. This is a HUGE concern since no one wants to apply moldy or spoiled milk to their skin! I dehydrated my pasteurized goat milk then used coffee grinder to make powder. Lip Balm Apple Flavour Best Ever Go Natural Goat Lip Balm Goat S Milk Craftbits Com ... Soothing Goats Milk Lotion 50ml The Little Goat Soap Company READ Budweiser Prohibition Beer Nutrition Label. I make goat milk lotion and use phenonip as my preservative. For your safety and our peace of mind, we decided to make all natural solid lotions without milk, water, or preservatives. I think it's wonderful stuff. Once melted stir in remaining oils and then the goat’s milk powder. Thanks for your comments ladies! Place beeswax and oil in a double boiler and heat water on medium until beeswax is melted. Pure Lip Balm Beekman 1802 Would I need to add a preservative? (seen first hand some improperly done rose water solutions that were filled with mold at the edges) Milk–even pasteurized milk-just adds “fodder” so to speak (sugars, lipids, proteins, minerals etc) to feed the bacterial growth. Start by using a double boiler to melt down the shea butter and beeswax. A simple recipe to make 7 medium sized bath bombs using goat's milk. Current varieties of LOTION: We had a goal to perfect a recipe for goat's milk lotion that would have as few preservatives as possible - and those had to be all natural - and be shelf stable for at least a year. All rights reserved. I have tried your natural lotion bar and it is wonderful! Am just wondering if the heating process would affect the “benefits” of the probiotics found in kefir. There are two different solid goat milk lotion formulas for you to choose from. Will not leave a greasy feel to the skin. Our milk has no antibiotics and no artificial anything. I'd like to use a preservative that is as natural, yet effective as possible. This lotion recipe makes a nice creamy lotion that isn’t runny if done correctly. Becky with Bramble Berry says. So which one is better? Beeswax 1/4 tspn Borax - **see comment below 2 drops Essential oil (optional) Whip all ingredients into a cream. Sour but pleasant aroma and slightly thickened milk indicate successfully cultured milk kefir. How to Make Goat Milk Lotion with Free Goat Milk Lotion Recipe, If you do not have goat milk, just substitute with water. Goat's Milk is a rejuvenator and a moisturizer when used on the skin. You need to make sure that the temperature is BELOW 140 degrees Fahrenheit before you add the final ingredients. Green Goat milk is the only Non-GMO Verified goat milk available. This soap making oil contributes to a long-lasting bar of soap. I would highly recommend starting with a recipe that doesn’t include milk, as that complicates things. Weigh out the Sweet Almond oil, Stearic Acid, Shea Butter, and Emulsifying wax and add to the 32 oz container. I am a big believer in goat milk. The end result of this soap making process is that all of the oils are turned into a salt form which is why natural soaps clean so well. 1 cup kefir 3 cups fresh cow or goat milk … That's the case even with a preservative - they protect against mold and bacteria but they don't extend the shelf life of milk. Can Optiphen be used instead of Phenonip and how much? The fall of 2003 rolled around and as I was investigating goat’s milk recipes, I found a basic recipe for goat’s milk soap. — Use "true" JO. The presence of e. coli increases significantly if stored at room temperature and in the presence of moisture (reconstitution of the powdered goat milk). Makers of goat milk soap may add shea simply for the aesthetic value. However, if you use it too soon (before it’s cooled to room temperature) you won’t be happy with the runny consistency. Anonymous. (In case you're wondering, the mango butter formula uses mango butter but it does not smell like mangoes). I have seen lots of gaots milk lotion. Time to soften up those hands as the nice weather starts to roll in. Now, if you don’t have the right equipment, here’s what I recommend: find your local LDS Distribution Center (find your closest local center here – or use that same link to order from their online store) and buy shelf stable nonfat dry milk from there. The final product will still have to have a preservative and be kept refrigerated for sure. 5.25 oz distilled water; 5.25 oz pasteurized goat milk; 1.1 oz oils (I like sweet almond or apricot kernel oil because they are odorless).85 oz butter (I recommend shea butter or coffee butter).6 oz emulsifying wax (I used BTMS-50).5 oz sodium lactate.3 oz preservative (I use Optiphen).1 oz essential oil of choice Saved from It is important to heat the milk to 170 degrees and hold at this temperature for 15 to 20 minutes to insure the milk has no bacteria. Does anyone have a recipe for shelf stable Goat Milk Lotion? Add more oil and fragrance and stir until well mixed. Everything that you use, from the bottles you store your lotion, the utensils and bowls, and your work surface, all need to be cleaned well. Please keep in mind that this lotion has a two week shelf life and should be stored in the refrigerator. Soothe burned, chapped, itchy or dry cracked skin. This post may contain affiliate links, to learn more about them, check out our Disclosure. What we learned shocked us. Beeswax 1/4 tspn Borax - **see comment below 2 drops Essential oil (optional) There have been so many requests for a lotion bar tutorial so I hopped into the soap lab and busted out a twist on the traditional Lotion Bar Kit found at Bramble Berry. I would recommend putting in 5% milk to your recipe (so decrease water by 5%, include milk) and fully, fully, fully preserve it with (preferably) the granddaddy of preservatives, Germaben II so that you have the best chance of the lotion lasting past 6 months. Perfect size for any bag! Goat Milk Recipes No Dairy Recipes Cheese Recipes Real Food Recipes Cooking Recipes Cheese Dips Dip Recipes Cooking Tips Recipies. This soap has a ribbon of lotion bar through it, which makes it that much more luxurious! — Use refined or unrefined JO for making soap. In the spirit of Cee’s original post, I share my recipe, advice, and reflections. We are also the first to be Certified Glyphosate-Residue Free. I want to try making lotion bars and wondered if it is possible to add either fresh or powdered goat milk? Here’s why goat’s milk is so good for your skin: it’s chock full of vitamins, contains exfoliating alpha hydroxy acids, and leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft. To make milk kefir, the grains must first be rehydrated. Goat milk lotion will not be in the cards for sale and production. Add the 16oz container of warmed distilled water and milk mixture to your 32oz oil mixture container. It works well. The one thing I love the most about raising goats is their milk. The lotion isn't "pumpable" when it's stored in the fridge (I keep mine in a jar), but it's still just as lovely. Find DIY homemade recipes: natural goat milk soap, lotion, lip balm, lip gloss and whipped body butter! Then add the water. This cheese can be used in almost any recipe that calls for cheese but this tasty recipe will help get you started. The possibility of bacteria growth necessitates the use of some sort of preservative. Be sure to let it cool all the way. The red label is the original formulas and the orange label is the mango butter formula. Make sure you educate yourself regarding the skin safety of your particular essential oil(s) and safe dilution levels. While none of them have volunteered to have it tested by a lab, they claim the results are much better than the raw goat milk lotion that is so prevalent. 2 - 4 years! Then pour into your bottles or jars. Allow to cool completely. In a large saucepan, bring cream and goat milk to a simmer over medium heat. Because of my defense and promotion of the value of goat milk, many people are surprised by the fact that I don't add any goat milk to my lotion. When the lotion is mixed and emulsified (this will take a few minutes)  take the temperature of the mixture. Goat Milk Lotion Recipe. I usually stick mine in the fridge to cool. 8. Salt is a natural preservative (think country cured ham or the way they used to preserve whole pigs before the days of refrigeration – salt pack or sugar pack). Lye Solution. Check out the video below to learn how to make goat milk lotion at home! There is just no getting around it, lotion is majority water, which means it is a great place for mold and fungus to thrive. So, having a good preservative is very important. All you have to do is combine oil, water, and an emulsifier. All reputable commercially manufactured lotions and creams that include colloidal silver also include (most commonly) phenonip. Well…yes, but not goat milk lotion and there’s a very good reason we don’t. — JO has a stable shelf life of approx. Check your manual for instructions. Our skin has the ability to absorb many of the nutrients that are applied to it and will love these goat milk properties. Also, in order to make sure that your preservative can really do its job, a little prep work must be done. When you make goats milk soap, you can substitute some of the water used to make the lye solution with milk. Alternatively, place the oils in a blender. You can use it to make Goat Milk Bath Bombs or even this beautiful Goat Milk Lotion Recipe! Milk powder is made by evaporating milk to the point where it becomes completely dry. Green Goat milk is an excellent source of Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus and Vitamin D3. My ultra-moisturizing lotion/body butter is very thick, which means you have to store it in a jar (it won’t pump). Alternatively, place the oils in a blender. Lotion Recipe. It gives your lotion a shelf life of 2-3 months. Then you can customize the recipe with your favorite oils and additives. The first step is to disinfect EVERYTHING. The reason being is that I have 1 week left before a goat show … Not only is great for making my Drunkin Goat Milk Soap, but it is great in other DIY beauty products as well! Instructions. Blend until the lotion is thick and creamy. Combine the dry ingredients in bowl and stir until well mixed. January 31, 2013 at 11:36 am. This is good information. It just depends on your personal preference. If you don't have milk, you can just use 18 oz of distilled water. Turn heat off and steep 30 minutes to 1 hour, tasting the milk for flavor intensity. 1. Dionis makes the same claim as she did: the quality of their products is of the finest. (In case you're wondering, the mango butter formula uses mango butter but it does not smell like mangoes). Rosewater if not preserved will also mold and grow bacteria all on it’s own. They’re just different. It should be used at .2-1% of the final recipe. May 20, 2012 - This recipe shows you how to make your own lip balm with simple ingredients including powdered goat's milk. Blend until the lotion is thick and creamy. To make goat milk lotion, heat distilled water and pasteurized goat's milk in a pot until the mixture reaches 80-100°F. Once the oils and milk are frozen / crystallized, it may have to be whipped or reconstituted to have the same “lotion” feel you were expecting. Recently on my YouTube channel I made a goat milk soap bar, but this soap was different! This lotion bar is packed full of skin-nourishing ingredients. Everything they sell is mad… I prefer a chocolate melter to melt my waxes and butter, but you could also use a double boiler, or melt them in the microwave. bowl or wide mouth jar (or larger), 32 oz. Click HERE for a hot process version of milk soap that you can make in your crock pot. Add honeysuckle blossoms, if using. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Some claim it helps fade scars and stretch marks! Solid Goat Milk Lotion Formulas. Goat milk soap recipes need little shea butter, if at all, because the goat milk already makes the recipe creamy and rich. One of the ladies in my lotion group showed me. You can also pick up all of the ingredients you need from Whole Sale Supplies Plus, or Bramble Berry. Remove the 32oz container from the double boiler/crockpot and stir like a crazy person until it starts to combine then grab the stick blender and finish it off. Live and learn. It has more antioxidants than blueberries and other super foods! If you are using food-safe mason jars you can sterilize them in the pressure canner or Instapot. With lotion, you are using an oil base and goat milk with no lye…the end result is a mixing of ingredients raw and no chemical change to the goat milk or the oils themselves. I highly recommend this if you have dry hands/. One of the most popular brands of goat milk lotion is Dionis, a company in operation since 1982. I hope this helps clarify the difference, and thank you for your question! Ingredients: 10.2 Oz Distilled Water; 10.2 Oz Raw Goat Milk (you can use frozen milk, just let it thaw) 1.2 Oz Emulsifying Wax; 3.5 Oz Oils (below is what I use) 2.7 Oz Coconut Oil.8 Oz Almond Oil; 1.2 Oz Shea Butter If you leave a carton of milk on the counter, it will go bad eventually. May 31, 2009 #1 I was just wondering, is there any such thing as a GM lotion bar, Gm whipped body butter, GM scrub?. Instructions. 1 1/4 cups of Baking soda or Bicarbonate of Soda 1/2 cup of Citric acid 2 tsp of Almond Oil or Apricot kernel oil 1/2 tbs of Water 1/4 cup of powdered goats milk 10-15 drops of Musk or Vanilla fragrance oil or essential oil . After adding the final ingredients, blast it again with the stick blender. Instructions: Heat the goat milk to 75°F using a water bath method, raising the temperature very slowly and stirring the milk while it is heating to distribute the warmth evenly. 291 g goat milk Pics of : Raw Goat Milk Lip Balm Recipe. Geogard 221 (Cosgard): This mild preservative will help give a longer shelf life to products with a wider pH range. Would this still go bad? That’s right. Reply. These include iron, vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamins C, D, and E, copper, and selenium. This fabulous skin loving lotion or cream uses Meyenberg Powdered Goat Milk as a base. Castile soap, made mostly with olive oil, is also softening and may not need shea butter. Our Goat Milk Cream (previously known as Capra Cream™) starts as fresh goat milk harvested from our happy goats on our farm in the Pacific Northwest and then dried using Refractance Window® Dryer technology which uses minimal heat and refracted light to provide a shelf-stable, wholesome, and delicious goat milk cream.

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