rainbow moonstone vs moonstone

I have always loved opal and now I’m trying to collect a ring with every type of opal I can find. 00. I like the illuminating glow and it is one that I can appreciate. Jeweloporium Solid 925 Sterling Silver Gemstone Handmade Ring for Women. Mine is the Zircon for December but guess there are other stones possibly associated with December as well (?). My birthstone is diamond….who doesn’t love diamonds Though….I love the color green so it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if I had been born in August because I do love peridot. I think that is starting to trend more and more. Nothing like making the water all muddy for those of us that aren’t experts, right? . My birthstone is tourmaline – which I didn’t know, my birthday is in October. Then, of course, because I like to learn about the stones that I use, I discovered that moonstone, and rainbow moonstone may not be the same at all. I’ll have to show you some of that one of these days. . I’m an Emerald birthstone. While they do display adularescence (sheen), it is not a colorful flash like you would find with Rainbow Moonstone. <3 u 2! The video offers information as well as shows you a side by side comparison. . Lucky you, you get zircon and tanzanite to choose from too! Have you found this content helpful? 4.1 out of 5 stars 43. Absolutely! It’s known in the trade as rainbow moonstone, despite the fact that it’s actually a variety of labradorite rather than orthoclase. Moonstone, often associated with love, passion and fertility, ranges in color from white to creamy yellow, peach and grey. I always felt slighted. I always was jealous of August birthdays…peridot is just so happy! …and a very Happy Birthday to you, Rayelene! My birthstone is amethyst. Maybe you’ll be able to find one you like from that? I suppose I like it…‍♀️ It’s made from compressed coal… I think Santa stocking lol Now days they can create diamonds in a lab that are identical to earth diamonds which kinda makes them seem not so special anymore… but whatever ❤️U. These also produce a blue schiller effect if thin and a white effect if thick. My birthstone is Opal for October!! They really appeal to me. Nothing quite like blue tourmaline. It is nice that it can be neutral. So many different shades of garnet…my favorite is green. Rainbow moonstone is best used in combination with a stone that sparks joyful energy and activity, like diamond, garnet, or peridot. lol, Mine is garnet…Not my favorite. I also have a raw white piece that I love to leave out during the full moon, and a peach moonstone pyramid that makes me feel so much joy. It’s unusual, and not something I work with typically. I’d love to add more…..hint hint Susan. Sapphire, I like it, but I prefer…. Rainbow moonstone is thought to bring balance, harmony and hope while enhancing creativity, compassion, endurance and inner confidence. I always liked that one too. Today I'm going to discuss the similarities and differences between labradorite, moonstone, and rainbow moonstone. I actually do like my birthstone as long as it doesn’t have to much of the orange color to it. custom sterling silver & semi-precious jewelry. I’m ruby, never been that crazy about it but my Son’s is October which is pink tourmaline so I wear his instead. My birthday is August which makes my birthstone Peridot. That’s the Gemini twins coming out haha! It can cool down excessive energy and bring you back to a good condition. Please take a moment to subscribe to my YouTube channel. Turquoise is another fave for December, Emily! Dec 2, 2019 - Rainbow Moonstone is actually not a true moonstone, but rather, it is a variety of labradorite plagioclase feldspar. I always liked my birthstone for it’s beautiful bright blue color. My girls all have good ones, so I just trade at will. Rainbow Moonstone Ring- Faceted Square Gemstone Bead and Sterling Silver or Gold Filled Wire Wrapped Ring- Made to size 4-14. I I felt better knowing the 2nd choice Alexandrite was an option but later found that a true one changed colors- emerald by day. Tanzanite was a new one for me! So many of the natural stones with no treatment are more on the red-pink end of the scale.

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