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Okay, I didnt want the plec for algae purposes, I think that they are a cool fish. You posted before i did lol. The Clown pleco can reach a length of 10 cm (almost 4 inches). Size: 15 inches (38 cm) Common Name: Sailfin Pleco. Clown Plecos are tranquil and can be kept securely with most network species. How would they get on together? Thread starter amazonadam; Start date May 30, 2011; ... My clown pleco hides in a crack in a piece of driftwood. Neat looking fish but ill never get another. Bristlenose Plecos grow to be 5" max, are peaceful, (except sometimes 2 BP males will fight,) and are F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C algae eaters. Ornaments. Dwarf Plec / Peckoltia Tropical Fish Learn all about the Dwarf Plec / Peckoltia's feeding habits and food types, its behaviour, its origins, its natural habitats, is it male or female, breeding advice and information, suitable tank mates, its sizing and growth range, minimum tank size, water PH and more. Substrate is sand with bogwood, a couple of rocks and a few live plants. Bristlenose Plecos are an incredibly hardy fish, so the temperature and pH range is a bit broader than you would expect for a more fragile fish. It isn’t … This species grows to about 3.5" long, which is an ideal size for many aquariums. I opted for a Bristlenose in the end, a female I think. This is another great choice that can be found in a lot of the big pet chains. 24 hours a day. JavaScript is disabled. This … I plan to upgrade my 13 inch common pleco out of my current 55g tank and into the bigger one. The common Bushynose Plecos you see available today are likely line-bred from A. cirrhosus. he has never messed with my plants at all. The Bristlenose Catfish is one of the smallest aquarium catfish, and will grow up to an average of 3-5 inches. They'd be fine in a 20 long. They have a flattened body covered in bony plates, and as they reach maturity, they … Bristlenose Plecos are herbivores, eating mainly algae, so feeding algae or spirulina wafers are best for feeding once or twice daily. All Rights Reserved. Just make sure to never overfeed. 5:21. © 2005-2019 The Clown pleco has several common names in English, including Clown panaque and Ringlet Pleco. Only option is a Zebra Pleco, "Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.". The clown pleco, or Panaque maccus, is a pleco that many people say is useless because it only eats on driftwood, by many people say that it is a great algae eater, which it is. They come in a variety of color forms. The caudal fin of a clown pleco is about the same size as their dorsal fin in terms of surface area. I would love to add 2-3 clown loaches, but I have no experience with clown loaches. Some aquarium shops sell Panaque maccus under the name Peckoltia vittata , but that is a completely different species. The idea is to prevent frequent interactions with other species, especially if the aquarium is relatively small. I'll be adding a Pleco to my list of fish, initially preferring the look of a Clown Pleco but some reading suggest they can be rather shy. I'll be adding a Pleco to my list of fish, initially preferring the look of a Clown Pleco but some reading suggest they can be rather shy. cirrhosis). “Candy Striped Pleco” is the common name for the Peckoltia Vittata species. You must log in or register to reply here. If a few aspects of their care aren’t done Bristlenose Pleco Diet and Feeding . Rubber Lip Pleco. the only time i ever see him is if i remove the driftwood. he always hangs out on the driftwood. The fish is native to South America, especially often it can be seen in the Amazon river basin. I have a panaque Maccus only see him when we do water change but is growing quite well. Cory cats and bristlenose plecos MAY have no behavioral or environmental issues, but when selecting fish for a new aquarium, it's important to consider the level of the aquarium which each species will occupy. The Bristlenose Pleco is widely sought after and for good reasons. They will come out more at night, but I do see them during the day. Solving the Pleco Problem. You'll also need to transfer your goldfish to a tank that's at least 2 feet long if they're not already in one since plecos can grow quickly. Sent from my PC as I still don't understand the the logic for mobile internet usage., a division of Monster Aquaria Network, LLC. In another post I mentioned how they love the green stuff so much I wish I could use them to mow my grass. How Well Do Plecos Clean Your Aquarium? I used to have both. Of course, the cyps ate most of the first batch before I could get the baby plecos out. - Duration: 7:47. Sexing My clown pleco is a bit smaller than my albino bristlenose plecos, but even the big daddy BN pleco is barely 4". BNs get to around 5, maybe 6". Particularly a male of each? What Are The Pros vs. Cons? The average clown pleco size is roughly 3 and a half inches long. Bristlenose plecos are poop factories. they stay small. © Christian Dresel. To introduce a pleco to a goldfish tank, make sure you purchase a non-aggressive pleco species, like a rubber-lipped or longfin bristle nose pleco, so it doesn't attack your goldfish. 7:45 #200: Unboxing Pleco Cave and Bristlenose Pleco Fry - Update Monday. I am soon getting a 65 gallon tank :thumbs: . In habitat of Loricariidae family catfish the water most of the year has the following parameters: hardness — 4—5 °dH, acidity (рН) — about 6. Breeding The Bristlenose Plecostomus The Longfin Green Dragon Bristlenose Plecostomus. A Bristlenose pleco should be compatible with a clown loach but there are several different species of plecos with bristles on their noses and some do … Freshwater Aquarium Feeding Frenzy (Plecos, Corydoras, Angelfish, Clown Loach) ... Riennma. Sometimes you’ll see it fully splayed out and other times they will compress it a bit. The flow is relatively fast, the water is oxygen-rich. Remember I said there were exactly 700 known species of Loricaridae? A clown pleco typically lives for 4-6 years, which is also generally the amount of time a healthy betta can live for. The Clown Pleco is one of the many dwarf pleco species which only gets to 3.5 to 4 inches (8.75 - 10cm) and is able to live happily in a wide range of water parameters, even the wild ones are very durable. Six month old clown plecos (Panaqolus maccus; L104) juveniles are added to a tank of albino bristlenoses (Ancistrus cf. Sailfin Pleco. Clowns are similar size. They a The Rubber Lip Pleco is a great choice for aquarists of all experience levels. have a clown pleco in a heavily planted 29 gal with a school of dwarf rainbows for going on a year now. Minimum Tank Size: 80 gallons … Clown pleco vs. Bristlenose pleco. I hardly ever saw either, but the panaque maccus was my favourite. I have 2 Clown Plecs and a pair of BN plecs in my 250l tank, no trouble at all, plenty of wood in there for them, they just pass each other without incident. Picking the Right Feeding Schedule Consider your pleco’s age and size. They should also snack on a little bit of wood now and then to help with digestion. Login with username, password and session length. Unlike the common pleco who can grow towards a foot long in length, the bristlenose pleco grows to around 6 inches and best suited for 10 gallon fish tank and larger. They have become very… They come from soft, neutral waters in the rivers of Venezuela an… As far as algae control, im sure a bn would be better. only time i see him is at night when he comes out for a green bean or algae wafer, if you see a turtle on a fence post chances are someone put him there. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The Secret History Living in Your Aquarium 20,164 views The bristlenose pleco can be bred easily if a couple issues are addressed. I don't know which would be better for a planted tank, though. Click on each picture to see a bigger picture. 1:08. Clown Pleco Size. Males will develop long and elaborate tentacles on their faces, though females may develop bristles as well. A good prefilter on your filter intakes is the best strategy. Clown Panaque Size and Appearance . both will outrgow tank. Which is better for a heavily planted 20 gallon? Their max size is somewhere in the 4-inch range but that’s very uncommon. the only time i ever see him is if i remove the driftwood. 75 gallon tank pleco clown loach giant danio siamese algea. If you have a small juvenile … If you’re starting out in the aquarium hobby, the bristlenose pleco is the perfect addition to your tank. Just returned my 6" common the other day because he'd decided to turn on my plants. Perhaps my clown pleco is just lazy! Animals. In the wild, the Bristlenose Pleco will generally spend the majority of it’s day doing two things: foraging for food, or hiding in a safe, cosy place such as under a … Corydoras and other South American catfish fan!!! It's either a Clown or a Bristlenose due to my tank being 800 x 350 x 450 and sold as 125 litres. With that many choices, there are plenty that are inexpensive, stay small, and are great algae eaters (some even better than the “pleco”). 24 hours a day. My clown pleco hides in a crack in a piece of driftwood. The Clown pleco has been assigned the L-numbers L104 and L162. A male is on the left, a female is on the right. Pictures: young 2" long Striped Clown Plecos photographed by us in our aquariums. Similarly as with other Panaque plecos, this pleco will brush on and eat wood as a component of its eating regimen and driftwood ought to be given as a feature of the aquarium style. Dereon Rosa. You can spend 2 minutes cleaning that every other day and your filter will stay clean for a looooooong time. Has anybody got one that can comment? Albino BN's are a lot smaller then normal BN's, and neither gets to 6" IME. Hey-oh! Aka Bristle Nose Ancistrus. Remarks: Bushynose, or Bristlenose Plecos, belong to the genus Ancistrus. As a habitat in the Amazon River Basin, it enjoys greenery inside the stream. Manacapuru RedBack Angels, F1 Rio Nanay Spotted Angels, Breeding Groups L066,L333,L46,L397,L004,L121,L201,L260,L202,L134,L240,L199,L007,L270,L034,L255,L180,L059,Calico+SuperRed LF BN - L14, L114, L128, L200 Venezuelan Whiptails + Chameleon Whiptails. A healthy breeding pair of bristlenose plecos will spawn often, so much that hobbyists sometimes will choose to separate the pair before they’re overrun with fry. The Clown Pleco is an herbivore that mostly eats algae and plant matter in the aquarium. Neat looking fish but ill never get another. Rubber Lip Pleco. Clown Pleco And Betta (Panaque Maccas) If the thought of a bristlenose pleco living up to 12 years worries you, then there are other plecos that aren’t going to be as much of a commitment. The most important of these are the various bushy or bristle nose plecos now becoming widely available. It has a wider head, and is much shorter, fatter and flatter than the Common Pleco. Bristlenose Pleco is a very hardy and easily adjustable fish, but it excretes more than other breeds; so, you need a minimum 30 gallons tank space to keep Bristlenose Pleco. I bet your favorite website is Bristlenose Plecos need a minimum of 20 gallons. Clowns plecos are usually sold as 2-inch juveniles and range from 3 to 4 inches in length at maturity, although at least one variety (L448) regularly tops 4-inches from snout to tail.Most varieties of Clown average about 3.5-inches and … Granules, flakes, or bloodworms are also good, while the occasional zucchini slices and blanched romaine lettuce or spinach are good treats. They're breeding in my cichlid tanks!

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