Grow More Nutritious Tomatoes With Indoor LED Light

What if we told you that growing tomatoes with LED light is not only possible but also allows you to have even more nutritious vegetables than a normal cultivation based exclusively on sunlight? Would you take us for fools?

The use of LED lights is a fundamental factor especially in indoor cultivation, a growing trend that allows you to grow vegetables directly at home even for those who do not have a vegetable garden or a special outdoor area.

Nowadays LED lighting is the best private growing system thanks to the many advantages it brings, first of all the considerable energy saving it allows its user. A factor that must always be taken into account when choosing to invest in something, whether it is a passion or a new activity.

But the advantages of using LED lighting do not end there. According to a study conducted by researchers at Wageningen University, LED lights produce better results than conventional fluorescent bulbs also in terms of product nutrients. A discovery that could revolutionize the future of indoor crops and beyond.

More Vitamin C in Tomatoes Grown With LED Light

The study carried out by Philips in collaboration with the Dutch university revealed a higher presence of vitamin C, rich in antioxidant properties, in vegetables that were grown with the help of an additional dose of LED lighting.

The interest of the university scholars, who have always focused on the correlation between healthy food and the environment, was precisely to highlight the usefulness of LED bulbs in greenhouse and indoor crops.

So it was decided to cultivate different types of plants in greenhouses, increasing the natural exposure to the light of vegetables with the extra lighting of LED lamps. A system capable of lighting from below instead of above has been devised, thus reaching the most hidden areas of the plants.

In this way it was possible to exploit the full potential of the plant, obtaining excellent results.

Analyzing them, in fact, it was found that the tomatoes exposed to this source of artificial lighting had twice as much vitamin C as that found in tomatoes grown in sunlight, although the amount of extra light provided by LED bulbs was only a quarter of the intensity of natural light.

As is also the case for the cultivation of microgreens (micro vegetables), which in some cases, thanks to the use of LED light, have shown peaks of nutrients up to 20 times higher than the traditionally grown vegetable, it is precisely for this reason that microgreens have been defined “food of the future”.

Why Choose LED Lighting for Growing Tomatoes Indoor

In nature the fundamental elements for plant growth are soil, water and sunlight. Over the years, new techniques have been studied to recreate a natural environment as much as possible: first of all greenhouse cultivation, which requires large spaces and, in any case, is often of lower quality than traditional crops.

But the real revolution has come with indoor cultivation, which uses LED lighting to power plant growth and can be used even in very small spaces, without the need for a garden to grow the plants or even a favorable climate. An alternative growing method such as hydroponics (i.e. above ground), for example, is an ideal solution in these cases.

Health And Energy Saving

In addition to solving these problems, LED lights are extremely efficient and also allow considerable energy savings and, according to this Dutch study, an even richer end product with beneficial properties such as vitamin C.

LED lights are also designed to withstand unconventional weather conditions and can be adjusted according to the season and the degree of temperature the plant needs, ensuring that it is never too hot or too cold.

And if, using this technique, vegetables grow even more nutritious, it is not only your bill but also your health that will benefit from the advantages of LED lighting.

The End Of Pesticides And Pollutants

The cultivation of tomatoes through greenhouses and LED lamps brings another important advantage: the total absence of pollutants, drugs and pesticides.

In fact, by growing in the special LED kits, you will no longer have to use pesticides and/or medicines and, by using special soil, your plants will be free of any harmful substances.

Start Your Indoor Cultivation Now With LED Lamps From Growledlamp

We know, after reading the results of this Dutch study, you immediately felt like getting an LED lamp to start your indoor or hydroponic cultivation right away.

Growledlamp is ready to satisfy your every need with a wide choice of lamps, all of which have one fundamental factor in common: the highest quality.

The LED solutions that we propose are many and designed specifically to meet different needs in terms of space, cost, production and objective, whether you are a beginner or an experienced grower.

The New LED Models With Very Low Consumption

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